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A Trusted Video Testimonial: How to Create and Publish Many of Legitimate Client Stories

Video testimonials, like other viral products, are often abused by people who create fake videos with made-up testimonials. As the number of such scam testimonials was growing in the past, many honest business people decided to stay away from this useful consumer attraction method. Below we demonstrate ways how to make sure that the testimonial you are making is in reality and looks like a real and trustworthy one.

This piece of article is based on the Video Testimonial Tool for Businesses that we created on…

Guest posting/blogging is viewed as a way to promote and build link mass and it has been one of the most popular trends in the SEO industry. The existing trends definitely show that its popularity will just grow. This guide is about guest posting and how to get good links to your website.

Shortly, guest posting can be best described via examples:
If you wrote an article and you are willing to pay to a website for publishing that article — then it is advertising or a sponsored article or post.

If you pay money to another person for writing a…

A young ceramics artisan in the workshop

Ceramics Studio of the Rakhimov’s family also known as ceramic workshop or gallery is located in the old traditional part of Tashkent, capital city of Uzbekistan. The studio is based in the private house owned by Mr Akbar Rakhimov. He is aiming at reviving and promoting traditions of old Uzbek ceramics in the local environment and globally.

Mike Smallet

I am in the travel business dealing with sales and marketing. Also interested in programming, coding an other IT matters. Current job:

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