A Trusted Video Testimonial: How to Create and Publish Many of Legitimate Client Stories

Video testimonials, like other viral products, are often abused by people who create fake videos with made-up testimonials. As the number of such scam testimonials was growing in the past, many honest business people decided to stay away from this useful consumer attraction method. Below we demonstrate ways how to make sure that the testimonial you are making is in reality and looks like a real and trustworthy one.

This piece of article is based on the Video Testimonial Tool for Businesses that we created on Bizpages (https://bizpages.org/en/video-testimonials#legit)

When a business person is up to creating a video testimonial for a business product, service, or activity, some simple recommendations can be followed to be sure that the resulting video is sending a message as it was designed by the author, credible and trustworthy.

Happy Clients

Method 1: Adding Views of the Client’s Location in the Video
When you start the process of creating the video, you may want to ask the client to shoot the video in a particular setting, where the location in the background tells the spectators about its credibility. View an example of this technique: there is a family from Italy who attended a country for travel, and then they made a video testimonial like this https://youtu.be/GhL1KZoDXEE when they were back home. In the video the man thanks the travel agent who helped them organize the trip, and the background of the video (a gorgeous sea view) tells the audience that the video testimonial is real and can be trusted.

Method 2: Client’s Language and Accent
If the client comes from another country, city or location, you may want to ask him/her to say a couple of words about the business transaction in the native language. Just a few words would be enough. The rest of the video narrative can be in the language that is best for you. By this, you make your video testimonials more diverse and trusted.

Method 3: Date and Product/Service Mentioned
Ask the customer who makes the video to mention dates when the business transaction tool place and details of the service or product that was bought. With this method you can build sets of video testimonials that go years back in the past, so that your visitors can see that yours a long-term business with history and it has been doing well as such over years.

Method 4: Add More Visual Media about the Product/Service
Hire a visual designer to insert good quality photos and/or videos about the product, service, or activity in question. A legitimate and working business always has got such photos and videos at hand while a scam usually has not.

These methods above are just ideas for you to ruminate when you are doing video testimonials for your business. Use a creative approach and new techniques that you can imagine to stand out from competition and implement your company marketing strategies.

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